20 Halloween costume ideas for children.

Hello everyone! So Halloween is just round the corner now, and if you are like me I love dressing my son up for Halloween, however I can never really experiment with his costumes, because he wants to be a skeleton every year, but I plan on trying to dress my youngest up differently every year (until he tells me what he want’s to be) ~ This year will be his first Halloween and my step-dad has brought him this adorable pumpkin baby grow.

However, if you do get a say in what your children wear for Halloween I thought I would make a list of the 10 costume ideas that I have found on the internet, so if you are stuck for an idea for their costumes, I hope this helps.

20 Costume ideas:

  1. Harry potter.
  2. Willy wonka.
  3. Super heroes (captain america, iron man etc..)
  4. Skeleton.
  5. Vampire/Vampiress.
  6. Batman/Bat girl.
  7. Ghost.
  8. Wizard/Witch.
  9. Minnie/Micky mouse.
  10. Mummy.
  11. Pumpkin.
  12. Frankenstein.
  13. Pirate.
  14. Zombie.
  15. Prince/Princess.
  16. Fairy.
  17. Devil.
  18. Cat.
  19. Firefighter.
  20. Doctor/Nurse.

I hope that you find this list helpful, and that you get some ideas from it. Most of these you could probably DIY it, but with a nearly one month old I won’t have time this year, maybe next year!
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38 Weeks pregnant.

Only 9 days to go! (unless little one decides to come earlier). 

About baby this week:

If you don’t know already, can you tell if you’re carrying a boy or a girl? One hint may come from the size of your baby – boys tend to be slightly heavier than girls. Babies at week 39 weigh between 3kg and 3.2kg and continue to build the fat stores that will help regulate body temperature after birth.

Your baby’s organ systems are fully developed and in place, but his lungs will be last to reach maturity. Even after your baby is born, it may take a few hours before he establishes a normal breathing pattern. 

From this week onwards, the amount of amniotic fluid in your uterus gradually starts to decrease, although your body will continue to make fluid until your baby’s born.

Wondering what colour your baby’s eyes will be? Most white European babies are born with dark blue eyes and their true eye colour – be it brown, green, grey or blue – may not reveal itself for weeks or months. The colour of your baby’s eyes in the first minutes after birth won’t last – exposure to light changes a baby’s initial eye colour. Most babies of African and Asian descent have dark grey or brown eyes at birth, but it won’t be clear what precise shade their eyes will be until after the first six months or year.

Information and picture from babycentre.

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36 Weeks pregnant.

36 Weeks? Where has the time gone?

The last week has been a bit of a struggle with my pelvis, I am in agony most of the time, especially when I am trying to move around in bed, I don’t know if this is due to baby being in my pelvis area, but I never felt like this with my son. It feels just like the baby is going to fall out of me! Strange. 

About baby this week:

Your baby is still gaining weight – about 28g a day. He weighs nearly 2.7kg and is about 47cm long from head to toe. You may begin to feel an increased pressure in your lower belly and notice that your baby is gradually dropping. This is called lightening or engagement, and your lungs and stomach will finally get a chance to stretch out a little – breathing and eating should become easier. 

However, walking may become increasingly uncomfortable. Some women say it feels as if their baby is going to fall out. Also, you may still feel as if you need to go to the loo all the time. 

The good news is that by the end of this week, your pregnancy will be full-term and you could give birth any day. Babies between 37 weeks and 42 weeks are considered full-term. A baby born before 37 weeks is premature and after 42 weeks is post-term.

Your may have noticed that your breasts are leaking a little. This is quite normal. They are producing the rich, first milk called colostrum that will give your baby a great start in life. If you feel like you’re going into labour, your doctor or midwife will check to see if the neck of your womb (cervix) is starting to open. They’ll look to see if your cervix is dilating, or widening, and effacing, or thinning.

Your midwife will be keeping an eye on what position your baby is in, to estimate how far your baby has dropped into your pelvis. This information will be entered into your maternity notes so that your midwife will know the position of your baby when you go into labour.

Information and picture from babycentre.

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35 Weeks pregnant.

So this week was a good one, we found out the cesarean date  ~ Which will be the 16th of next month. Very nerve wracking!

About baby this week:

Your baby now weighs about 2.4kg and measures around 46cm from head to toe. His elbows, feet or head may protrude from your stomach when he stretches and squirms about. Soon, as the wall of your uterus (womb) and your belly stretch thinner and let in more light, your baby will begin to develop daily activity cycles.

This week, your little one is sporting full-length fingernails and toenails and has a fully developed pair of kidneys. His liver can also process some waste products.

There’s much less amniotic fluid and much more baby in your uterus. You’ve probably put on between 11kg and 13.6kg and your weight gain has hit its peak. Even your belly button has got bigger and has popped outward. You may be feeling breathless and get indigestion now that the top of your uterus is up under your ribs.

Information and picture from babycentre.

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The countdown can begin!

After many weeks of wondering when and how I will be giving birth, the decision was kind of took out of my hands when I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. 

I have had to schedule a Cesarean section, since I am unable to go too far over 39 weeks. However, if I go into natural labour before then I am able to give natural birth an attempt (which I wouldn’t really mind to be honest). 

I find it quite nerve wracking that I now know when I am having him (unless he has other plans of course). I actually find it more scary than when I was having my son and was waiting it out naturally. I am going to be making sure for the next few weeks that I double check every single thing to make sure that I have everything.

The magic date is going to be the 16th of next month ~ Yay! I am also now going to make a 30 day countdown chart for my son to know when the time is getting close, since he has been asking for quite a while about how many days left until baby comes, and now I have a date, I am able to say for definite.
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34 Weeks pregnant.

Yesterday was a bit of a nightmare. I had a consultation appointment at the hospital, which I was expecting to find out when I am having baby. However, there wasn’t really any need for this appointment since I will be seeing the same consultant at my diabetes consultation appointment tomorrow, so I had a wasted trip over to the hospital. It actually took longer to get there.

So fingers crossed I find out when I will have baby tomorrow!

About baby this week:

Your baby now weighs more than 2.2kg and is 45cm from top to toe. He’s filling out and getting rounder ~ he’ll need his fat layers later to regulate his body temperature once he’s born.

If you don’t already talk or read to your baby, this is a good time to start. Don’t feel ridiculous if you naturally chat to him in a different tone of voice. Some evidence shows that newborns pay closer attention to high-pitched tones.

If you’ve been nervous about going into premature labour, you’ll be happy to know that 99 per cent of babies born at 34 weeks can survive outside the uterus (womb) ~ and most have no major problems. Although your baby’s central nervous system is still maturing, his lungs are nearly fully developed by now.

Many women start to notice a tingling sensation or numbness in the pelvic region or pain as they walk. This may be caused by the pelvic joints loosening, ready for labour. If you’re in pain or hips are sore, mention it to your midwife or doctor.

Indigestion may be making a come-back now your baby’s pushing up against your tummy. Keep eating small meals, and try not to lie down straight after a meal. A nice nap after dinner may sound like a good idea, but lying down too soon after eating can leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable.

The big day could be only a month away. If you’re having your baby in hospital, try contacting the maternity unit to see if you can visit beforehand. If it’s not possible, find out if your hospital offers an online tour.

Ask your midwife if you want to know about how your baby will be monitored in labour. And ask her what the hospital’s policy on eating and drinking during labour is.

You should have an appointment with your midwife this week, so it’s worth making a list of any questions you may have about your birth choices. 

Information and picture from babycentre.

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33 Weeks pregnant.

Another uneventful week really, me and my son have been having fun in his first couple of weeks of his summer holiday, we have been painting, playing with play-dough and we have a trip to Thomas Land planned.

I haven’t got any appointments until the 9th, which is the first time in a long time that I have gone over a week without an appointment, so the next week isn’t going to be that busy either, thankfully!

About baby this week:

Your baby now weighs about 2kg and measures up to 44cm from head to toe. He may already be getting ready for birth by turning upside-down. His head should be pointing down, ready for her journey into the world.

Your doctor or midwife will be paying careful attention to your baby’s position in the coming weeks. Some babies do decide to turn back round again.

Your baby’s skull is still quite pliable. The plates of bone that make up his skull have not completely fused. This is so he can ease out of the relatively narrow birth canal, the passage between your cervix and the opening of your vagina. But the bones in the rest of her body are hardening. Your baby’s skin is also gradually becoming less red and wrinkled as fat builds up underneath.

If you’re a first-time mum, your baby’s head may move into your pelvis this week and press firmly against your cervix. This happens for about half of all first-time mums. If you’re a second-time mum, you can expect this to happen a week before labour. For some, this won’t happen until the start of labour. 

You may notice that your feet and ankles are quite swollen by the end of the day. Water retention, also known as oedema, is often worse in warm weather and late in the day. Surprisingly, keeping hydrated helps reduce water retention. Your body, particularly your kidneys, and your baby need plenty of fluids, so drink up. If you suddenly feel swollen or puffy in your hands or face, however, call your doctor – it may be a sign of pre-eclampsia.

Make life easier for yourself now. Stock up on basics, everything from tins to tights, before shopping becomes too much of a chore. Cook up extra portions to freeze ahead for the early weeks. You’ll be glad you did when your baby’s arrived.

Make sure you and your partner have all the important numbers on your phone – your midwife, doctor and the labour ward. If you have pets and older children, arrange for someone to take care of them. Then you’ll be able to focus on just yourself and your baby when the time comes.

If you’re worrying about money, try not to spoil your maternity leave fretting. Work out if you’re budgeting enough for your baby. There may also be benefits which you can apply for to help you manage.

Information and picture from babycentre.

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