20 Halloween costume ideas for children.

Hello everyone! So Halloween is just round the corner now, and if you are like me I love dressing my son up for Halloween, however I can never really experiment with his costumes, because he wants to be a skeleton every year, but I plan on trying to dress my youngest up differently every year (until he tells me what he want’s to be) ~ This year will be his first Halloween and my step-dad has brought him this adorable pumpkin baby grow.

However, if you do get a say in what your children wear for Halloween I thought I would make a list of the 10 costume ideas that I have found on the internet, so if you are stuck for an idea for their costumes, I hope this helps.

20 Costume ideas:

  1. Harry potter.
  2. Willy wonka.
  3. Super heroes (captain america, iron man etc..)
  4. Skeleton.
  5. Vampire/Vampiress.
  6. Batman/Bat girl.
  7. Ghost.
  8. Wizard/Witch.
  9. Minnie/Micky mouse.
  10. Mummy.
  11. Pumpkin.
  12. Frankenstein.
  13. Pirate.
  14. Zombie.
  15. Prince/Princess.
  16. Fairy.
  17. Devil.
  18. Cat.
  19. Firefighter.
  20. Doctor/Nurse.

I hope that you find this list helpful, and that you get some ideas from it. Most of these you could probably DIY it, but with a nearly one month old I won’t have time this year, maybe next year!
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