The countdown can begin!

After many weeks of wondering when and how I will be giving birth, the decision was kind of took out of my hands when I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. 

I have had to schedule a Cesarean section, since I am unable to go too far over 39 weeks. However, if I go into natural labour before then I am able to give natural birth an attempt (which I wouldn’t really mind to be honest). 

I find it quite nerve wracking that I now know when I am having him (unless he has other plans of course). I actually find it more scary than when I was having my son and was waiting it out naturally. I am going to be making sure for the next few weeks that I double check every single thing to make sure that I have everything.

The magic date is going to be the 16th of next month ~ Yay! I am also now going to make a 30 day countdown chart for my son to know when the time is getting close, since he has been asking for quite a while about how many days left until baby comes, and now I have a date, I am able to say for definite.
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