Our Funday at Thomas Land.

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Yesterday, me, my husband and my son had a very fun day out. We went to Thomas Land for the first time (well, me and my husband’s first time anyway).

Thomas Land is located in Drayton Manor theme park which is in Tamworth, Staffordshire. The travel time was just enough from where we live (it took us about 1 hour and 15 minutes. There are tons of parking available, so when it is at its most busy, there shouldn’t be a problem with parking the car.

We arrived at the park at about 9:40am ish (park opened at 9.30) and wasn’t busy, so because we had pre-brought our tickets and printed them off at home, we was able to go straight to the turnstiles with no one in front of us and was straight into the park (massive bonus with a very excited 5-year-old). 

The first thing that you come to (which will be on your left) is the entrance to Thomas Land, which is perfect for little legs, so they don’t have far too walk. 

(Please note, the pictures for the rides are from google maps since I was unable to take my own).

There was a massive variety of rides, that are perfect for children, all the rides have a height chart for you to check your child’s height before actually queuing for the ride (which would save a lot of time for you). Most rides have a minimum height requirement, but for the majority of them, if they are under this, you are still able to take them on, but they will have to sit on your lap. There is also an indoor play area, however we wasn’t too bothered about that since we was more interested in the outdoor rides.

After walking round the main part of Thomas Land and having our packed lunch, we took a ride on the train to get to farmer McColl’s farm, which had a few animals, which unfortunately we couldn’t actually see most of the birds because of how overgrown the plants were inside of the pens (unsure whether it was supposed to be like this ~ However it really let it down. There was a discover Thomas exhibition which featured a table top train track with working trains.

Also in this area was the Dino trail, which with a dinosaur loving five-year old, he loved it! Shame it wasn’t a little bigger, but we still loved it none the less.

We then took a gentle walk back to the main park (which only took about 5 minutes tops, with a few stops to look at the animals that were on the way back.

2016-08-08 (10).jpg

We fancied a little treat from one of the little cafe’s on the park, so we decided to stop off at Station buffet. Me and my husband had a Shmoo milkshake each, which cost £2.40 each, (with no toppings ~ since they cost 55p each extra), our son had a white magnum cost £2.10, so overall, fairly expensive, but I didn’t expect it to be cheap. We had a little problem when paying, since I tried to pay with a note, only to be asked ‘do you have any change, or you can pay by card since I don’t have enough change.’ This did annoy me a little since you would think they would have enough change, so in the end I had to pay by card, but we did enjoy the treats so that made up for it.

After that, my husband son went on to the Winston’s whistle-stop tours. Which they had to queue for about half an hour or more for, for it to only last roughly 1~2 minutes, so my husband wasn’t that impressed, however, this is the only ride that we had to queue for a very long time, so we just put it down to it was the most popular ride.

2016-08-08 (6).jpg

By this time, it was roughly 4pm, and we hadn’t had anything to eat since about 11.30, so we thought we would have some dinner in the burger kitchen since it was right next to Winston’s whistle-stop tours, and was recommended to us from relatives. This was a very reasonably priced restaurant for being at a theme park. me and my husband had one of the 1/4 pounder cheese burger meals each ~ Which came with chips and drink and cost £6.95 and our son had a children’s 4 chicken nugget meal which came with chips and a juice drink and cost £4.95, he also wanted a slush, so he had a regular sized slush with cost £2.20, so the whole meal was a total of £21.05 which we found to be very reasonable.

The burgers were tasty, you could tell they was handmade, since they wasn’t very round, but I loved this. The chips were very tasty and crispy, our son’s chicken nuggets were proper chicken nuggets, not like the one’s you get from McDonald’s, and he loved them. We loved this restaurant, and will definitely be eating here when we next go.

By the time we finished eating our food, it was roughly 5pm (rides are due to shut at 5.30pm). So we let our son go onto Lady’s carousel since there was no line, and he was the only one on there. We then decided to go back onto the train to go back to McColl’s farm to have one last look at some of the animals, plus our son loved the train the first time, and the queue was very small for the train, once we finished that side, it was about 5.30pm ish so we decided to get the train back (since it was now Thomas and we had only rode on rosie).

After the fun filled day of our son going on nearly every single ride and had some scrummy food, it was unfortunatly time to leave. We enjoyed ourselves the whole day and we can’t wait to go back!
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