10 Things you should never say to a pregnant woman.

We’ve all done it, we sometimes say stuff and then think “why on earth did I say that?”. Or have been on the receiving end of an awkward conversation. 

You are probably more than likely to receive such annoying conversations when you are pregnant. Sometimes it can be a stranger passing by and you over hear them, or someone may say it directly. It can be quite frustrating if you’re ever on the receiving end of these questions. 

So if you are prone to saying something maybe you shouldn’t do, please read this list and NEVER say anything on this list to a pregnant woman, it may cause her blood pressure to rise and that would not be good!

10 Things you should never say to a pregnant woman:

  1. Are you going to breast/bottle feed? ~ Unless you are the lady’s midwife/health visitor etc.. This question doesn’t concern anyone but the mummy and baby, as long as baby is getting fed that’s all that matters.
  2. Make sure you sleep/go out while you can ~ A baby doesn’t mean that parents can never have a normal life again.
  3. Was the baby planned? ~ Stay clear of this question at all times, unless she brings it up first.
  4. Talking about her hormones ~ This is probably one of the quickest way to raise her blood pressure, being pregnant isn’t easy, and there is so much more hormones floating around that she is entitled to be a bit crabby.
  5. You shouldn’t be eating/drinking that ~ Pregnant woman know what they can and can’t eat/drink now, so there really is no need to tell her.
  6. Can I touch your belly? ~ Good on you for asking, but it’s a really awkward question, and really unless you are a family member or friend, you should never ask this.
  7. You look tired ~ It’s hard work growing a little human, and more likely than not, she isn’t getting much sleep so she probably would be likely to very unhappy at hearing this.
  8. Talking about your horror of a birth ~ This is one that you really should avoid, no pregnant woman wants to hear about things that can go wrong, especially since she is probably already worried about the birth.
  9. You look like you are ready to pop ~ This is the last thing that a pregnant lady is probably wanting to hear. She is probably already self conscious and this will make her feel worse.
  10. Still no baby yet?/Not long to go now ~ This is one of my massive bug bares, obviously there is no baby yet since they are still in my belly, so stop asking me. She is probably frustrated enough as it is.

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