10 Tips for keeping baby cool in hot weather.

It is so important to make sure children are nice and cool when it is scorching hot weather. For the last two days it has been over 30C here, and so humid. Now, I am more of a winter mummy, I don’t like the sun, unless there is a lovely breeze in the air, however in the UK we have such humid weather, it just feels horrible. 

The sun can be very dangerous for children and could be quite concerning for parents, I have been thinking about my son while he has been at school, thinking ‘is he drinking enough water’ ‘is he keeping cool’. 

Your baby is very likely to become very restless when it is sweltering hot, so they are more likely than not, going to let you know when they are too hot, but I have made a list to help you with ideas of how to keep them nice and cool during this hot period. Newborns are at risk of SIDS if they overheat, so please make sure to keep them nice and cool.

10 Tips to keep baby cool:

  1. Dress your baby appropriately ~ If the temperature is over 25C a nappy and vest should be enough if you staying indoors. Remember at night time, the temperature will drop, so make sure they are wearing appropriate clothing.
  2. Make sure to open windows ~ Hopefully, this will create a nice breeze, as long as it isn’t too humid.
  3. Use appropriate bedding ~ Use cotton bed sheets where possible, this should keep baby nice and cool.
  4. Give them a few refreshing baths.
  5. Keep an eye on baby’s temperature ~ Always good to keep an eye on this during the hot weather so that you’ll know if they have a temperature. 
  6. Stay in during the day ~ As horrible as it is being stuck in the house, maybe stay inside to avoid the risk of sun stroke.
  7. Avoid dehydration ~ If your baby is bottle fed, it is recommended to give your baby cooled (previously boiled) water, if your baby is breast fed, they shouldn’t need water.
  8. Play in a paddling pool ~ If you feel comfortable with this, this would be a good thing do do with your baby/child to keep them nice and cool.
  9. Use a fan ~ It is recommended to place a bowl of ice in front of the fan, to try and help the air be cool instead of the the fan just blowing around warm air.
  10. Always stay in the shade ~ If you do have to go out, make sure to stay in the shade.

And remember, NEVER leave your child in a car seat or pram. 

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