30 Outdoor date ideas.

Wondering how you can spend your weekends or spare time in the week with your loved one? I have made a list of 30 outdoor dates that would be good to fit around your busy schedule.

Outdoor date ideas:

  1. Take a long walk together.
  2. Go on a picnic.
  3. Go strawberry picking.
  4. Go have ice-cream in the park.
  5. Go to a zoo.
  6. Gardening.
  7. Go to the beach for the day.
  8. Watch the sunrise/sunset.
  9. See fireworks.
  10. Learn archery.
  11. Throw water balloons at each other.
  12. Go to a fair.
  13. Go to a music festival.
  14. Go for a hike.
  15. Go fishing.
  16. Ride in a hot air balloon.
  17. Stargaze in your back garden.
  18. Go on a tandem bike ride.
  19. Play mini golf.
  20. Go to a farmers market.
  21. Pitch a tent up in your background.
  22. Go on a photo scavenger hunt (Have a list of things that you want to find).
  23. Feed birds at the park.
  24. Have a bbq together.
  25. Walk through a forest.
  26. Go play tennis at an outdoor court.
  27. Visit a tourist attraction in your town.
  28. Go for a drive round a town you have never been too.
  29. Go to a local festival or event.
  30. See a local sports game.

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