Tips for travelling with children.

In March/April this year we went on holiday to Portugal (which is a three hour flight) and so I was really worried about how it would be flying with my five year old, and to be fair, it was probably as stressful as I thought it would be, It was an early morning flight, so my son was very hyper once he got past the tired stage, so I don’t think we will be going on a plane again for a good few years!

However on the other hand, my son is pretty good in the car when we are going on holiday, as long as it isn’t longer than 2 hours. There are a few tips and tricks that I have picked up over the 5 years that I have been a mummy that keep him distracted in the car, so I thought I would share some personal tips and tricks I have and also some that I have found on the internet that I thought would be handy.

Packing tips and tricks:

Always make a list ~ Writing out a list will help you not over pack on the things that you really don’t need. It also helps to lessen your chance of forgetting the important stuff that you can’t forget.

Take a few spare trousers and underwear ~ I have always done this since my son was little, this is in case of little accidents while travelling, or if they just simply get really dirty.

Don’t over pack on the toiletries ~ Depending on how long you are going away for, try not too take full size bottles. Plus with children’s toiletries, you can get an all in one.

Pack an empty bin bag for dirty clothes ~ Again, I have always done this since it makes it so much easier for when you get home and go to wash your clothes.

Don’t forget your child’s favourite stuffed toys or anything they sleep with ~ My son has several stuffed toys that he has in his bed, so this is a tough one for us, but we always make sure to take at least one of them for him.

Snack and activity boxes:

My mum always makes sure to make my son a pack up for the car, which always includes treats and normally colouring books etc..

Ideas for things to put in your child’s in car bag:

  • Books.
  • Colouring books.
  • Snacks.
  • Drinks.
  • Tissues & Wipes.
  • Toys.
  • Printable worksheets that can keep them entertained.

If we know that we are still going to be travelling at lunch time, we will always pack a lunch up, which saves a lot of money for us instead of stopping off at a restaurant.

Stop and clean the car:

We always make sure that every time that we stop the car, we make sure to clean the car out of rubbish and generally tidying the car up. We also make sure there are carrier bags in the card to try and prevent a rubbish build up.

Other tips and tricks:

If your children are younger, or you are going to be in the car for long period of time, I would suggest maybe invest in a travel pillow so that their little necks don’t hurt.

When we went down to Devon, which is a 5/6 hour drive from where we live, we borrowed a DVD player off my mother in laws friend, which was a massive help to try and keep my son (who I think was about 2/3 at the time) entertained for the whole drive.

Play lots of games together, things like Eye spy, scavenger hunt to try and find certain things on the way to your holiday are fun.

If you have a CD-player in your car, make sure to invest in lots of music that your children love, or if your children like them, audio books. For us, our CD-player doesn’t work which is so annoying.

Buy an inexpensive cookie sheet and some magnetic alphabet and letters, and this should give them entertainment for a while trying to spell words.

Give them plenty of paper and pens/pencils, for making lots of drawings.
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