50 At home date ideas.

Organising a date night with your spouse can be a bit of a nightmare once you have children, however even if you are on a time limit, due to either of you working, or trying to fit it in with your children’s schedule. 

And that is where you can find ideas with this list that I have made this list of 50 of the best ideas that I could find, and the brilliant thing about these date ideas, is that you could do them after the children are in bed and you can spend some quality time together.

50 At home date ideas:

  1. Make dinner together  ~ You could try a three course meal together, or have some fun and have a competition to see who can make the best of whatever you want to make.
  2. Have an indoor picnic ~ You could watch movies while you have your ‘picnic’.
  3. Have a spa evening ~ My husband would probably not like this, but I thought I would include this since I know there would be some men out there that would like this.
  4. Play board games together ~ This one I would pair with a takeaway.
  5. Do a puzzle together ~ Me and my husband have done a few puzzles together, he has so much patience that he loves it, I would probably pair this one with a takeaway as well.
  6. Watch the sunset/sunrise with each other ~ I don’t think we have ever done this, I love the idea of it.
  7. Decorate mugs together ~ I love this idea, I love homemade crafts.
  8. Have a video game night ~ Me and my husband love playing video games together, so this one would be perfect for us.
  9. Make homemade pizza together.
  10. Have a movie marathon ~ I would pair this with a takeaway.
  11. Bubble bath ~ We wouldn’t actually be able to do this in our bath since it is so tiny and my husband is very leggy, but if you have a big enough bath, this would be perfect.
  12. Play twister.
  13. Star gazing ~ This one may take a bit more planning to know when is the best time to see the stars.
  14. Do crosswords together ~ My husband loves crosswords, so this would be perfect for us.
  15. Make a massive ice cream sundae together and eat it ~ Love this idea, yummy!
  16. Plan your next big holiday ~ I planned the last massive holiday, so this would be good to do together for the next one.
  17. Research your family history together ~ I love looking into our family history, so I would love to get my husband involved in this.
  18. Watch a documentary together ~ Would pair this with a takeaway.
  19. Paint a canvas together.
  20. Draw or paint your portraits ~ This would be really fun to do I think.
  21. Learn a new card game ~ We love playing card games, so this would be perfect.
  22. Make milkshakes ~ Not much to say about this apart from yummy!
  23. Watch funny you tube videos together ~ We do this quite a lot already, and I would probably pair this with a takeaway.
  24. Write your bucket lists together ~ You should be able to find lots of ideas on the internet if you are stuck for ideas.
  25. Movie and popcorn evening ~ You could make some wacky popcorn flavours.
  26. Share where you want to be in 5 or 10 years ~ Be interesting to see if you both have similar interests in your futures.
  27. Play charades ~ This would be really fun to do, would pair with a take away.
  28. Fondue night ~ If you don’t have a fondue machine, just melt whatever it is you are using in the microwave.
  29. Make homemade ice cream ~ There are plenty of recipes out there that don’t require a machine.
  30. Make cookies ~ The more outrageous the better! 
  31. Make a list of all the places you would visit if money was no object ~ I love this idea, since I love travelling.
  32. Have a lego build-off ~ This would be fun to do, to see who can make the best lego creation.
  33. Play 50 questions ~ Write out 25 questions each.
  34. Choose a new hobby to try out ~ This would be good for me and my husband since we have totally different hobbies (apart from playing video games).
  35. Have a colouring contest ~ You could use your child’s colouring books, love this idea, so fun.
  36. Plant a garden ~ If you and your spouse are keen gardeners, this one would be good for you.
  37. Wine and cheese tasting.
  38. Quizzes ~ This would be fun, you should be able to find lots of quizzes online, and I would pair this with a pizza takeaway.
  39. Write poems together ~ I’d find this hard, but I think my husband would be pretty good at this.
  40. Read together.
  41. Watch your wedding movie together ~ This would be a cute one to do.
  42. TV Show marathon ~ Would pair this with a take away.
  43. Build something together ~ Love this, maybe you could build a flap-pack, or if you are really creative, look at DIY projects on pinterest, there should be plenty on there.
  44. Hot cocoa date ~ Perfect for the cold weather dates.
  45. Fun photo shoot ~ You can easily find printable photo props online and if you haven’t got a fancy camera, you could use your phone.
  46. Start creating a scrapbook together.
  47. Blind taste test ~ You could do a specific type of food, like chocolate, cheese or wines, depending on what you both like.
  48. International night ~ Make it a themes night; E.G: Italian, So you could make lasagna for dinner, watch the godfather or whatever Italian based film you love. 
  49. Do an exercise DVD together ~ This would be hilarious to do together.
  50. At home karaoke ~ I am absolutely rubbish at singing, however my husband is good, so maybe I would just let him sing lol.

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