28 Weeks pregnant today.

Hello everyone! So today marks the start of my third trimester. I can’t believe how fast my second trimester has gone. I have been having much more stronger movements from baby. To the point where you can actually see him poking his foot (I’m guessing it is his foot lol) at my belly.

I read to my son every night, so I think that baby will be enjoying listening to me reading, since he can now hear properly.

I have also got another scan today since I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, I have to have more scans to check his growth, and to make sure that he isn’t growing too quickly. 

About baby this week:

Your baby weighs a little more than 1kg and may measure up to 38cm from top to toe. At about this time, he can open his eyes and turn his head in your uterus (womb) if he notices a continuous, bright light shining from the outside. He’s getting used to blinking his eyes, which now have eyelashes.

His fat layers are continuing to form and his bones are nearly developed, though they are still soft and pliable. His bones won’t harden properly until after he’s born.

You’re in the home stretch. The third trimester typically starts this week and lasts until the end of week 39 and sometimes even beyond. (Don’t worry – 42 weeks is the maximum! After that, a mum-to-be is usually is induced to give birth.) Most women gain an average of 5kg during this trimester.

You’re probably wavering between feeling as if you’ve been pregnant forever and being nervous about labour and birth. Checking off things on your to-do list can help. Start selecting possible baby names and begin thinking about life after your baby’s birth as well.

All information and picture from babycentre.
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