20 Two player games for date night.

I’ve learnt quite a bit in the 6 years that me and my husband have been together, but the main thing that I think I have learnt is that we hardly send any time just the two of us.

It is so important to try and make time to spend quality time together, to try and reconnect as a couple, instead of just mummy and daddy which we find very difficult. So to try and make more time, I am going to dedicate at least one day a month specially for ‘date nights’. 

If you are looking for fun ways to spend your evening with your spouse, instead of watching TV, I have rounded up 20 game ideas for you to enjoy, I hope you find some inspiration.

Two player games for your date night:

  1. Kerplunk.
  2. Jenga.
  3. Connect 4.
  4. Snakes and ladders.
  5. Monopoly.
  6. Scrabble.
  7. Operation.
  8. Battleships.
  9. Twister.
  10. Guess who?
  11. Draughts.
  12. UNO.
  13. Chess.
  14. Boggle.
  15. Would you rather?
  16. Pictionary.
  17. Ludo.
  18. Trivial pursuit. 
  19. Cluedo.
  20. Yahtzee.

What is your favourite board game to play?

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