Kicks count.

Hello everyone! I’ve got a different sort of post for today, it’s about an app that I recently downloaded, however I have heard of before now.

Now, most women feel their first kicks in pregnancy between 16 ~ 24 weeks (obviously this varies from woman to woman and it is recommended that you keep track of your babies movement from this time. At first, there won’t really be a certain pattern to the movements until you do get a little further along, and then you can certainly tell what is the normal amount of movements for baby. 

There is no ‘normal’ number of kicks, which is why it is very important to get to know what is normal for your baby. Even if you don’t use this app, if you feel like something has changed in your baby’s habits you should definitely be checked out, even if it turns out to be nothing.

What counts as a movement:

The movements that you should track with app, is kicks, swooshes, punches, jabs, rolls, flips or turns (anything that counts as a normal movement for what a baby would do).

About Kicks Count:

Kicks count is a UK based charity that aims to give expectant mums the knowledge about the importance of keeping track of your baby’s movements to try and combat still births. This charity is very personal for Sophia Wyatt who created Kicks count, after the stillbirth of her daughter in 2009. 

The UK has the second worst stillbirth rate in the developed world, so it is very important for everyone to become more aware of the risks of stillbirths.

The charity is solely run by volunteers and rely on donations from the public, they sell lots of products on their online store which helps the charity, and totally worth a look at.

For more information about their charity, please check out their website here.

About the app:

“Feeling your baby move is a sign they are well. If your baby’s movements change it may be a sign they are in distress and should be reported to a midwife or maternity unit. This App by UK charity Kicks Count helps you keep track of your baby’s movements so you can identify if there is a change.
• Easy to use counter
• 7 and 14 day graphs to see your baby’s movements at a glance
• Call your midwife or maternity unit from the app
• Information on babies movements”
Information from googleplay.

Pictures from IOS website.

Where you can find the app:

You can find the app on google play here and from the IOS app store here. The app is free on both platforms which is a massive bonus for such a good app.
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