Our bucket list for summer.

Our summer bucket list.


So this year will be my son’s first 6 week holiday from school (since this has been his first year at school). So I thought I would make a list of all the fun things that I want to do with him when he breaks up.

I am a very frugal mummy, so I have made sure that all the things that are on this list can easily be done on a very small budget. I hope that maybe you get some inspiration from this list.

Here’s our list so far:

  1. Make ice lollies.
  2. Go to a local park.
  3. Visit a zoo.
  4. Go to the beach.
  5. Feed the ducks.
  6. Make playdoh.
  7.  Bake cupcakes.
  8. Make homemade pizzas.
  9. Movie day with snacks.
  10. Make handmade art.
  11. Bake cookies.
  12. Make a scrapbook of what we did in the summer.
  13. Decorate t-shirts.
  14. Read 15 books in total for the summer.
  15. Play with water balloons.
  16. Make his daddy a present.
  17. Board games evening and a kfc.
  18. Paint pictures.
  19. Make popcorn.
  20. Have a picnic.
  21. Make ice cream sundaes.

I am sure that we will do plenty more that we do during the 6 weeks that I haven’t listed. I am planning to make it a very busy 6 weeks for him so he doesn’t get bored.¬†

If you have any ideas please comment below.
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