Choosing a baby name.

Choosing a babies name is such a big responsibility. There is so much to think about, classic or trendy? Celebrity or unique? So much pressure! You have to think long and hard because (unless they change it) they will be stuck with this name for all of their life! Then there is the situation of whether the first name goes with your last name and what middle names you want for the baby. 

There as so many names out there to choose from where do you even start?  Luckily these days there is lots of resources available for ideas (websites, books etc..). Me and my husband are going to start thinking about names for our baby now that we know the sex. 

I love original names, unique and uncommon (to a certain point, obviously not anything like apple..).

The one thing that I have found from my research for the ‘perfect’ name for this baby is that I am so overwhelmed with all the choices of names that are out there. I think that I am going to compile a list of all the names that I do like and go from there.

The main things that I think you have to think about when naming your child is:

  • Future nicknames that they may have.
  • Maybe don’t do really strange names. (Like some celebrity’s have done).
  • Think about spelling.
  • Think about maybe keeping it a secret once you have thought of a name so you don’t get unwanted opinions on whether friends/family or even strangers do or don’t like the name. 

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