21 Weeks pregnant.

Hello everyone! Well yesterday was our 20 weeks scan, yay! She was pretty certain that she knew what the sex was (I can’t reveal until Saturday ~ we are having a gender reveal party) however I have to go back in two weeks because of the new regulations they put into place last month and she couldn’t see everything clear enough ~ I’m not complaining though because I get to see our baby again! 🙂 

So today I am 21 weeks pregnant, I have still been feeling a little rough ~ been quite a rough pregnancy so far with one thing or another. I have had issues with my back since I had my son and now every time I move in a certain way all I can feel is a horrible pop, ouch! Especially when I am turning over in bed at night, then it hurts even more! 😦

About baby this week:

Your baby now weighs about 360g and is about 27cm long. Your baby’s eyebrows and eyelids are fully developed, and she can now blink. Her fingernails now cover her fingertips. If you’re having a boy, testes will descend from the pelvis into the scrotum in the coming weeks. 

You may notice you have to adjust to your changing size. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself getting a bit more clumsy these days. You’re carrying more weight and your centre of gravity has changed with your growing uterus. As well as these changes, your fingers, toes, and other joints are all loosening, thanks to the effect of pregnancy hormones.  

There’s no precise formula for how big your bump should be. So try not to worry if you feel that your bump is big for your stage of pregnancy. Your midwife won’t measure your bump until you’re 24 weeks pregnant, but do mention it before then if you’re concerned. She’ll be able to reassure you that all is well.

Information and picture from babycentre.
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